A Word From Dr. Stewart: LANAP, A Better Alternative

Posted on May 9, 2012. Filed under: General Dentistry, Gum Surgery, LANAP, Periodontal Disease, Smile Savers Dentistry | Tags: , , , , |

Dr. Daniel Stewart at Smile Savers Dentistry in Columbia MarylandI’ve recently seen a few new patients looking for help in correcting their gum disease. They have been told that they need scaling and root planing (scraping of the teeth using anesthetic), cutting the gums back so as to get better access to the roots and then bone grafting to fill in where the bone has been eroded away.

Youch! No wonder they want a second opinion!

Did you know that I have a dental laser that can do the same thing without all of that painful, aggressive surgery? I have seen miraculous results over the past two years with LANAP. I had a patient say that in one month post-op that he couldn’t remember the last time when he didn’t see bleeding when he brushed! I had another patient who if they would have seen another dentist, she would have had all her teeth extracted and dentures placed. Guess what!? After LANAP, she still has all of them and they are healthy again.

Most of you who have been patients with me for a while probably don’t have to worry about this procedure because you don’t need it, but you may have friends, family or co-workers that do. Please refer them over here to get a consult to find out if they need help. Don’t let them have the other alternative used on them… unless you don’t like them.

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