Regular Dental Visits – Why Are They Important?

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hygiene-blogWhy do we want to see you every 6 months? Yes, we truly enjoy catching up with you but more importantly, regular dental visits are important because they help keep your teeth and gums healthy for your lifetime! You should have a regular dental visit at least every 6 months for optimum oral health.

There are actually two parts to your regular dental visit.

One part is the check-up, the other is the cleaning. If X-rays are needed, these will be done first. A visual examination doesn’t tell us everything we need to know. Our hygienist will then check for cavities and to see if there is plaque or tartar on your teeth. If it’s not removed, it can harden and become tartar. You can’t remove tartar simply with brushing and flossing. If plaque and tartar are left to build up on your teeth, they can cause oral diseases. The hygienest also checks your gums. With healthy gums, the spaces are shallow. When people have gum disease, the spaces may become deeper.

During the cleaning part of your office visit, your hygienist will use special tools to remove tartar. After your teeth are scaled, they are then polished. In most cases, a gritty paste is used for this. It helps to remove any surface stains on your teeth. Your hygienist will then use floss to make sure the areas between your teeth are clean before Dr. Daniel Stewart comes in for the final check.

At Smile Savers Dentistry in Columbia, MD, we care about your oral and overall health so please be sure to take care of your teeth and gums between your regular dental visits. Plaque is always forming on your teeth, but you can get rid of it by brushing and flossing regularly! If you are overdue for your next dental exam and cleaning, please call the dental office today at 410-730-6460 and get on our hygiene schedule. You can also request a dental appointment online.

Smile Savers Dentistry is currently accepting new and emergency patients. Dr. Daniel Stewart and his friendly staff strive to be the best dentist office in Howard County.

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A Healthy Dental Practice by Dr. Daniel Stewart

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Dr. Daniel Stewart at Smile Savers Dentistry in Columbia MarylandFrom time to time you may have noticed that I have an associate working on Thursdays and I am nowhere to be found. Well, I am not hiding under my desk at the office nor am I golfing. I am delivering seminars to dentists around the country who need help with their dental offices.

Because of how well run our office is, I was asked by a national dental consulting company to deliver introductory seminars to dentists throughout the United States. It has been a very rewarding experience for me. I have seen all types of dental practices and have seen the common pitfalls that cause many dentists to dislike the profession.

For a majority of the dentists I have met, it is not the actual dentistry profession, it is managing the business part of it. I have come to the conclusion that when one has a healthy, well run dentist office, then the dentist and the staff are healthy and most importantly they have made their patients healthy through great care. You all are a product of that. We give great care here at Smile Savers Dentistry near Ellicott City Maryland and that is why you are healthy. Don’t forget to tell your family and friends about us. Good, quality dental care is hard to find in this day and age.

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A Word From Dental Assistant CJ: Tooth Fractures

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CJ Burwell at Smile Savers DentistryAlthough your teeth are remarkably strong, they can chip, crack or even break. Believe it or not, it might not even hurt when you chip or break a tooth. Minor tooth fractures usually don’t cause pain, but if a large piece of a tooth breaks off, it will most likely hurt. This is because the nerve inside the tooth could be damaged.

Unfortunately, there is just no way to treat a cracked tooth at home. Sometimes the tooth may appear to be fine, but it hurts when you eat or when the temperature in your mouth changes. And if your tooth hurts all of the time, it may have a damaged nerve or blood vessels. Constant tooth pain is a serious warning sign that your tooth needs to be looked at.

If you do have a broken or chipped tooth, come see us as soon as possible. Dr. Stewart can figure out if the break was caused by cavities, and if the tooth’s nerve is in any danger. A damaged nerve usually will require root canal treatment. Minor chips don’t always need treatment. But with a vertical break, split root, or extensive decay, the tooth will most likely have to be removed. Don’t wait around, call the Smile Savers Dentistry office in Columbia MD today.

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A Word From Dr. Stewart: We Did It!

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Dr. Daniel Stewart at Smile Savers Dentistry in Columbia MarylandJust wait until you see the new Smile Savers Dentistry reception area in person. We have been told that it feels like a spa. Calming and soothing, like a dental office should be. And don’t forget the coffee bar and free Wi-Fi while you wait!

Yes, we remodeled the front desk in only one week. With the help of the staff and Dream Design and Build Remodeling we were able to bring the front desk and reception area into the present time and man, I am still shocked when I open the front door in the morning!

Besides a more esthetic and functional front desk, I have also updated the back by installing wireless intraoral cameras. These cameras allow you and me to see more clearly how healthy you are. Many recent new
patients are amazed at how advanced and modern our dental office is, and how much they learn about their oral health when they come here.

This is optimum dentistry in a comfortable environment, something for which I have strived for over … gulp … 24 years. So, if you know of anyone who needs help – get them in here to experience excellent dentistry in a “spa-like” environment. We will take great care of them!

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A Word From Dr. Stewart: A Healthy Mouth

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Dr. Daniel Stewart at Smile Savers Dentistry in Columbia MarylandMany of you who have been with me for a while understand that prevention is the best way to keep your oral health from deteriorating. On your “new patient” visit we gather all the data and form a treatment plan that will get you into optimum health. I tell you that my goal is to get you healthy as fast as possible and then put you on a regimented maintenance program so you don’t have to worry about emergency treatment or losing teeth.

What I have found is that fifty percent of you actually do this but the other thirty percenters don’t do the maintenance part. This worries me. Why spend all of that time, money and nervous energy getting the dental work done and then don’t maintain it? Nothing in this world stays the same, just look at my hairline.

So starting this month I am making it our duty here at Smile Savers Dentistry to contact those of you who have fallen off the wagon. Don’t get mad at us if you are called a few times, just call us back and make the appointment or give us a really good excuse why you can’t. We have two great caring pro-active dental hygienists Beth and Natalie who are awesome and are here to help keep you healthy and on track.

Don’t be one of those patients who needs to call me on the weekend!

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A Word From Dental Assistant Carolyn: The Role of Dental Assistants

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The dental assistant has one of the most interesting and varied jobs in the dental office. It requires good interpersonal communication skills as well as good technical skills, which are regulated by the Dental Examiners Board. She/he is often the first person you will encounter in the treatment room when you visit and will try to make you feel comfortable while you are there.

In addition to assisting the dentist during your treatment, the assistant takes X-rays, gives oral care instruction after your dental treatment, including surgery, and applies topical anesthetic and fluoride treatments. Assistants take impressions for study models, whitening kits and retainers and fabricate whitening trays, retainers and temporary crowns. Dental assistants maintain infection control and sterilization of instruments and equipment using the OSHA guidelines for dental offices. Dental assistants take continuing education classes to stay current in dental trends and to keep their skills updated.

You can expect more efficient care from your dentist when he has a good assistant working at his side. Dental assistants are an excellent resource for information regarding your personal dental care treatment and are happy to answer all of your questions. We enjoy seeing our patients each day and hope that your visit to our office will be a pleasant one.

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