A Word From Dental Hygienist Natalie: Tooth Sensitivity

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Dental Hygienist Natalie at Smile Savers Dentistry in Columbia MarylandTooth sensitivity can come and go over time. If your teeth or a single tooth is sensitive or even painful when breathing in cold air – or with hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods and drinks, then you have sensitive teeth. Almost half the world’s population suffers from tooth sensitivity. However, tooth sensitivity issues can be treated with either in-office or at-home treatments. The type of treatment will depend on what is causing the sensitivity.

First, it’s important to share with your dentist or dental hygienist if you have a sensitive tooth so that your mouth can be examined to see if the problem is in fact tooth sensitivity (dentin hypersensitivity). If it is, they will help you choose the best form of treatment. Your dentist/hygienist may recommend that you use a low abrasion toothpaste that is made especially for sensitive teeth. You will have to brush with this paste twice a day to achieve results.

Your dentist may instead prescribe an inexpensive brush-on fluoride gel or a fluoride rinse, or a high fluoride level toothpaste that is formulated to make your teeth less sensitive and provides extra protection against decay. These tooth sensitivity treatments are done at home when you are brushing your teeth.

There are other treatments for sensitive teeth that your dentist or dental hygienist can provide in the dental office. These include treatments that are painted onto the teeth and fillings – such as fluoride varnish sealants and plastic resins.

You can reduce your chances of getting tooth sensitivity by keeping your mouth as healthy as possible with good oral hygiene to help prevent periodontal disease. Call our dental office in Columbia today if you are overdue for a cleaning or exam, or if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity.

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