A Word From Dental Hygienist Beth: Know Your Teeth

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Dental Hygienist Beth at Smile Savers Dentistry in Columbia Maryland
Do you know your teeth? Your teeth give your face its shape and add to the way you look. Not only do healthy teeth help you look good, they contribute to total body health and well-being. The shape of the arch inside of your mouth helps you talk. Many letters of the alphabet can’t be sounded without the help of teeth. Yes, your teeth do more than chew your food!

I’ve included a link to a tooth diagram as well as some definitions for the anatomy of a tooth.

    • Enamel: Hard tissue covering dentin of the crown of tooth.
    • Crown: That portion of tooth covered by enamel.
    • Pulp: Contains nerves and blood vessels that feed the tooth.
    • Dentin: Part of tooth that is under enamel and cementum. It consists of microscopic channels, called dentinal tubules, which radiate toward the cementum and enamel border. These tubules contain fluid which can increase the sensation of pain (like cold sensitivity) and the rate of tooth decay.
    • Cementum: Hard tissue covering the root of the tooth, it is attached to the bone by little elastic fibers called the periodontal ligament.
    • Periodontal Ligament: Fibers that attach tooth to bone. These fibers help soften compression during chewing.

If you are overdue for a cleaning or dental exam, call the Smile Savers Dentistry office today and make an appointment to see me!

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